New Drupal Theme - CorporateClean

It's pitiful and downright disgraceful to have such a neglected website!  No updates since Nov 2017!  Well at least I did something tonight.  

The CSS and JS files were not being served because of HTTPS mixed content errors.  In excusable!  

Back up and running with a very slick and outdated CorporateClean theme.  Not my favorite, but acceptible and simple CSS.

The future is Drupal 8 - or BackDrop.  But When?

Committing file deletions with GIT

When you are working with a GIT repo, and you need to delete files, the best way to do that is to use a GIT command directly.  You can delete individual files:

git rm that/filename.txt

And you can delete whole folders too:

git rm -rf this/here/folder

But what to do when an automated process deletes file for you?  Now GIT reports a long list of deleted files, but there is no way to add that that change - actually REMOVE that change in an automated way.  Or is there?


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