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jQuery Time Picker for your Drupal 6 website!

As Drupal experts we get used to Drupal, and it's short-comings.  One of the worst UX issues with Drupal is date and time functions when creating content for your website.  

How many people want to TYPE dates and times into small anonymous input boxes?  Sure, it's not that big a deal when you fill out the fields for creating one or two test nodes on your Drupal site.  But what if that was YOUR job?  Yeah, why not just shoot me in the head right now!  

Up and Running

The site willince.com has been down for a little while.  In my hast, I overwrote this Drupal 6 installation with Drupal 7 core.  Oops.  

So today the site is live, and updated with a current install of Drupal 6.  Still not caught up with all the projects I have been working on, but that is for another day.  We need to update a few more Drupal installs today.

Creating Autonode Titles using Node ID's (NID) and Taxonomy Terms in Drupal 6

In Drupal 6, there is a known limitation in Autonode Titles, that NID and taxonomy terms cannot be used as autonode title tokens for node names.  On node creating these elements are not assigned when the node is saved, therefore they return empty values, and the name of you node is empty. 

Update to Drupal 6

I took the time to update willince.com to a Drupal 6 website today.  It's about time. 

For the move, I chose the Framework theme.  I am using it straight-out-of-the-box, because I like the cool blue accents and the Drupal logo.  That's what we are about. 

I need to add some content types for client sites and start building it out, but at least we are up to date and have a decent theme going again. 

Theming Drupal with PrimerCSS

Drupal Modules: 

Yesterday I posted a Tip at AdvantageLabs.com discussing Theming Drupal with PrimerCSS.  This is a great tip to make your life a lot easier when you start going at it hard with FireBug! 

Here's the article:

Here's a quick tip to make Theming your Drupal website a little easier.

The Problem

For me, theming is a dance between my text editor, FireFox views of my Drupal website, and Firebug.  How many times have you looked in Firebug to find and modify an element's CSS properties, just to realized that there is no CSS declaration for the element in question? IF this happens to you all the time, you are in exactly the right place!


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