Another New Website

Today's the first day of the new  This has been my business website, and as a Drupal developer, it has been a poor example of my work. 

gagarinThe new site is running on Drupal 5.10, with a most of my favorite new modules added in.  One module I really like right now is HTML Purifier.  This is a content input filter, that removed mailciious and bad codebefore it goes into your Drupal database. 

I was having some issues with themes, and was not finding anything ont-of-the-box that was working for me.  I tried SEOposition, auture, deco and forest floor, none of which was working for one reason or another.  Then I found gagarin, and the things started clicking.  With a few modifications, and a logo from some graffetti shots I got this weekend, the look finally came together.  

The contact form is up, the George countdown is up, and the blogs are running. I still need to create a few new content types for showcasing the Drupal websites I am working on.  But that can wait until tomorrow.  

We have lift-off!