This morning I updated www.wilbur.us to Drupal 5.12.  I use my personal site as a test site for new modules and features, so today I installed the development versions of Backup and Migrate ver 2.X and Blog Info ver 2.X.  I'll give them a whirl and see what they offer.  

Wilbur.us is hosted at HostGator right now.  We are trying out their service after a very terrible crash at IVHosting last month.  The entire IVHosting service was unavailable for a few days, and when it returned, all sites and email accounts had a void of a few days of files and emails.  To make matters worse, I received NO notification of any issues during this time.  In the wake of this, we are working to move ALL accounts away from IVHosting as soon as possible.  My first choice was HostGator, since they provide shared hosting and reseller capabilities, and they are a larger established hosting service.  Unfortunately HostGator has major problems with Yahoo Mail services, so it's almost impossible to send and receive email from Yahoo.com.  This is very frustrating, since I really like their service and their offerings.  The Yahoo Mail issue will make this unacceptable though.  Next on the list is Site5 hosting.  More to follow.