When using GIT, should you add the Drupal repo to your Project?

Today I committed one of my Drupal projects to GITHUB. I followed this posting on drupal.org, which has a nice explanation of adding the drupal project to your repo:

Following the instructions allows you to add the Drupal.org project INTO your Drupal website project.  From there, it's pretty straightforward to get tag updates from the Drupal project right into your project.  It gives you easy access to update your project with a single command:

$ git fetch drupal # update our repository with changes from the main Drupal upstream repo
$ git merge 7.1 # merge in the updates to Drupal

The issue is, do you want the entire Drupal project added to your repo?  That's over 10,000 commits and tags all the way back to Drupal 2.x.  

For me, it just seems easier to keep all the hoha out of my project repos.  When making updates, I will just clone the Drupal project in a separate folder, set it to a tag version, then copy and paste the files OVER the existing files in my local project.  From there, I commit the new files and update my project.  

This works for me because I am frequently doing version updates because of new Drupal core and module updates.  No need to make these projects totally married to the Drupal project at the code and commit level.  

What do you think?