Drupal 6 Version 2.0 WYSIWYG and Images

This morning I worked on a pet project, the Team Road Kill website.  For many reasons, this is a Drupal 6 Install.  Even though we are still stuck with a heavy install of the Location module, we got a new facelift on the site, but updating the WYSIWYG process and updating how we manage inline images.  

What's OUT:

What's IN

A few years ago, the move to WYSIWYG gave everyone the option of a single approach to use your own text editor.  This is just what we needed, because they all needed a TON of work to make them usable.  Of all the early entrants, just a few have weathered the storm.  The favorites for the Drupal crowd are TinyMCE and CKEditor.  Each have their own camps, and each are equally good - and bad.  

Inline editing and inline images have come a long way, and the new approach allows us to leverage two important trends.  

First, is that the images are part of the content.  We add imagefields and filefields, that become part of the Drupal entity we are working on.  When we import/export this content, that image/file goes with it.  Entity lives up to the label of entity.  

Second, the future of Drupal an in-place editing is within CKEditor.  Version 4.x of CKEditor was heavily influenced and developed around it being THE editor for Drupal 8.  Filefield is ALREADY in Drupal core in version 7, and CKEditor will be the defacto editor of Drupal 8.  This is the waaaaay.  

The tools are already there to make this easy for us to install in Drupal 6!  There's a decisive although dated podcast discussing the approach of using filefield/imagefield with CKEditor called Filefield Inline Images by Mustardseed Media.  

If you have the time, get busy on your D6 or D7 pet project!