How to Create a Drupal 7 Theme

This exercise is just illustrative, it's not as easy as you think.  

To build a theme, you need to be able to read and access a PSD file.  To do so gain access to photoshop

To gain access to photoshop, you need to sign up for Adobe Creative Cloud.  Pay your $10 per month for Photoshop Photography Program, which is a limited time offer until March 31, 2014!

To install photoshop, you need to install on Windows or MAC.  For me that means using my Win7 Virtualbox machine.  I'm ready to install, but don't have enough disk space to install!

To increase the size of the virtual machine, you need to clone the vmdk disk to vdi format. (VBoxManage with Virtualbox cannot resize the vmdk disk directly.)

VBoxManage clondhd 'olddisk.vmdk' 'newdisk.vdi --format vdi

Now increase the size of the new vdi disk:

VBoxManage modifyhd "newdisk.vdi" --resize 102400 
(resizes to 100mb)

Now we'll just use the new cloned disk instead of the original.  We just replace the disk file in the virtual machine settings.  

NOW, we have to reset the partition size of the disk WITHIN the virtualmachine disk.  We do this with gparted.  

Download the ISO image, and install within Virtualbox as a boot image.

Now, boot the virtual machine to gpart, and resize the ntfs drive to fill the new VM.  

Now remove the gparted iso, and boot the virtualbox

Now install Photoshop. 

Now access the psd file, and build your theme.  

I don't know why I am not very productive today!