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How to Create a Drupal 7 Theme

This exercise is just illustrative, it's not as easy as you think.  

To build a theme, you need to be able to read and access a PSD file.  To do so gain access to photoshop

To gain access to photoshop, you need to sign up for Adobe Creative Cloud.  Pay your $10 per month for Photoshop Photography Program, which is a limited time offer until March 31, 2014!

Drupal 6 Version 2.0 WYSIWYG and Images

This morning I worked on a pet project, the Team Road Kill website.  For many reasons, this is a Drupal 6 Install.  Even though we are still stuck with a heavy install of the Location module, we got a new facelift on the site, but updating the WYSIWYG process and updating how we manage inline images.  

What's OUT:

Adding SASS support to Sublime Text 3

After installing the Drupal Zen Theme, I started working on SCSS files with Sublime Text 3.   ST3 is my preferred editor right now, because it is so easy to access.  I also really like the contextual color coding for various file types.

Unfortunately SASS file formatting is not natively installed.  There's a package for that!  

Getting Going with Drupal Zen Theme

Drupal Modules: 

This week I am working on learnig the new Drupal Zen theme version 5.4.  It's a big change because this theme uses SASS and Compass natively for the theming.  

First, we need to install SASS and Compass on Ubuntu, my local build environment:

Install Ruby and gems:

When using GIT, should you add the Drupal repo to your Project?

Today I committed one of my Drupal projects to GITHUB. I followed this posting on drupal.org, which has a nice explanation of adding the drupal project to your repo:

Ignore the sites/default folder in your repo!

When working with Drupal 7 and a repository, it's just best to completely ignore the sites/default folder.  Why?

Config your Drupal 7 settings.php to work with Drush

When installing a local host instance of your Drupal 7 website, Drush likes to see instead of localhost as the name of the host.  You can get the best of both worlds by using the following in the settings.php file:


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