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EIM - Extend Image Modue

Drupal Modules: 

I had one of those moments today, when you have a clear image of settings or functions that do not exist.  We are working with image files in our Drupal website, and wanted to require an alt field for every image that is added.  Just check the box, right?

There's no alt field required box in Drupal 7 when using an image field.  

Drush! and can't find settings.php

Drupal Modules: 

DruslA few years ago I moved from Windows XP to Ubuntu, for a couple of reasons.  I was coding more, which created a natural association with the most basic level of computing.  I kept going to simpler text editors and worked with extensicely with files and CODE.  Another reason was to stop fighting viruses and malware, and of course XP.  

Drupal Revision All - saves the day!

Drupal Modules: 

Just a quick update on a module I just added to a website!  Revision All module gives you complete control of revisions on your Drupal powered website.  Just install and enable the module, then configure the settings at:

Admin > Configuration > Content Authoring > Revision All


There is a global setting to enable revisioning on ALL content types, or you can just select a subset of modules to revision. 

jQuery Time Picker for your Drupal 6 website!

As Drupal experts we get used to Drupal, and it's short-comings.  One of the worst UX issues with Drupal is date and time functions when creating content for your website.  

How many people want to TYPE dates and times into small anonymous input boxes?  Sure, it's not that big a deal when you fill out the fields for creating one or two test nodes on your Drupal site.  But what if that was YOUR job?  Yeah, why not just shoot me in the head right now!  


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