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I fell off the Earth!

It has been a while since I have blogged here.  Just a lot of stuff going on this Summer.

Right now I am in Drupal University.  That's what I am calling it now - I am dedicating all extra time and energy in my life to mastering Drupal.  

Drupal 5.19

There's yet another security update to the Drupal software - Drupal 5.19 and Drupal 6.13.  Time to touch all those sites again! 

I have been working on converting sites over from D5 to D6 lately.  This will be a slow and steady process since most will require re-theming for Drupal 6.  It's going to be a long summer and probly long fall too.  All new development is in Drupal 6.

That Light was a Train!

After a solid week of blocked emails and access issues, it seems that Site5.com suffers from the same issues as HostGato.com.  As successful domain hosts, they sell accounts to everyone, you - me and the spammer.  When this happens their servers are marked on black-lists, and we suffer because our email gets called spam.  This is maddening!

Hosting Blues - The Light at the End of the Tunnel!

Over the past few weeks I have been looking for a new hosting service.  The service I need is for a number of small sites I maintain that are low traffic Drupal sites.  By using a Reseller account I can reduce the cost of hosting 10-20 sites to a single large account.  For larger mission critical commercial sites, I use either Advanttage Labs (Pajunas) or Sundays Energy, as they provide another level of backups and support. 

New Version of CCK

A new version of CCK (1.10) posted yesterday, so almost every site I have will be getting an update in the next day or two.  CCK is the backbone of Drupal, it has expanded how we create content types and develop complex websites.  Good thing I have a  compact and efficient scheme for updating all those sites!


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