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Like all my websites, AntiWarSalon.us got an update to Drupal 5.12 today.  No time today for any updates or improvements.  The only module to be updated is the Signup module.  This site is good to go for a while. 

Drupal 5.12

It's been a few weeks now, but I am still catching up on updating all of the websites I attend to Drupal 5.12.  Even with a good automated process, it takes about 15 minutes per site to update them with the new version of Drupal and all the module updates each site needs. 

I should have been done with this earleier, but I took some time off and went on a hike to the bottom (and top) of the Grand Canyon.   In the end this will probably make me MORE productive since I will be able to work better when I am well rested.  


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