St Croix OMS

St Croix OMS is a Stillwater based Oral/Maxillofacial Surgery practice.  We created a fresh Drupal 6 website that features large banner images of the St Croix river valley.  We also included many Drupal Tools to improve the SEO performance of the website.

Website Needs

  • Create a web presence and improve SEO
  • Client Maintenance, including banner images on the site
  • User Interface, for non-technical maintainers
  • Easy Navigation for their customers
  • Clean attractive style


  • Use banner images of the local St Croix Valley to create a sense of community with website visitors.
  • Create a clean and simple design that is not cluttered with extraneous columns and blocks.
  • Provide vital office contact information on every page of the site.
  • Use drop-down menus to provide access to all pages, and minimize page clutter.


  • Rotating page banner images.  Specific images can be assigned to show on specific pages.  Unassigned images show randomingly on pages.  A user interface is included for managing the image pool, and assignments.  
  • Facebook links - we are using the Slinky module, to provide Facebook page links on the site.  
  • Large Footer with location details